We are three middleaged, flyfishing amateur photographers and longtime friends who just have begun our journey in becoming a little better in taking photos (although we did some shooting way back in the analogue era some 30 years ago. But that doesn't really count, does it?). Our common love for photography, a bit of exhibitionism and probably a portion of hubris led to the creation of this site. Most of the pictures you will see here are from the area around Gothenburg, Sweden, since this is where we live our lives.

Why the name "3 BILDER"? Well, it is swedish for "3 pictures" which could be referring to our little game that we call Theme Photography (more under that tab) where we every month present three pictures from a specific theme. Or, if you prefer to be a bit more pretentious, you can choose to see it as the three slightly different pictures of the world around us that the three of us see through our cameras. We just leave that choice to you.

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Staffan Rönnefors

I was born 1967 in Gothenburg at the west coast of Sweden, where I still live. I’ve always been a curious person and in my life I’ve tried many activities, all with two things in common. Being outdoors and making a big hole in my pocket. Why not try photography? Some years ago, a person told me what drives a man or woman. – “It’s the getting, not the having”. I guess it’s true, and in my hunting of it I’ll try to capture the “magic moments” in different situations and locations. Some of these you’ll find here and hopefully there will be more to come.

Stefan Hammarin

Born in 1967, live with my two kids in a small house in Torslanda, Gothenburg and I wish that my beloved girlfriend soon moves into my place. I have a technical education and work as an engineer constructing power plants. I love to train in different forms, such as gym, football and floorball. My interests in addition to training is fly-fishing, driving my Harley and nowadays of course photography. My camera is with me almost always, and my eyes are like a camera lens. Looking for possible images all the time, everywhere. A new passion is here to stay…

Björn Schröder

In the summer of 1960 the most adorable little baby-boy was born. Unfortunately, as the little boy grew up most of the sweetness was lost and he finally ended up as the old fart that is me. Got myself an engineering education and nowadays I work as a consultant, mainly in the energy sector. I've trained different martial arts for the main part of my life, mostly judo, but since a year back it is aikido that is my thrill. Married to my beautiful Katarina and last, but not least, I am a very proud father of two wonderful, almost grown up kids.